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  • Amelie Scott Designs Classy Zipper Pouches Pattern
  • Around the Bobbin Izzie Convertible Backpack Pattern
  • AUNTIES TWO"Fuse, FOLD & Stitch AT635" Sewing Pattern
  • Aunties Two Patterns Happy Hauler pattern
  • Cork Totes - Aunties Two Bag Pattern
  • Annie Running With Scissors Pattern, None
  • Quilting Sewing Patchwork Take A Stand Pattern by Annie
  • Annie Contain Yourself Pattern
  • Meshing Around Drawstring Backpacks Pattern by Annie
  • By Annie Hang It There Ptrn
  • JUNMN Quilt As You Go Wine Totes Sew by Number, White
  • June Tailor Quilt As You Go Tote Pattern, Tori 15"x14"x14"
  • June Tailor Inc Quilt As You Go Shoppers Totes-3pk QAYG Sew/Nbr Utility Shop Tote
  • June Tailor Inc Quilt As You Go Insulated Shoppers Tote QAYG Sew/Nbr InsulatedShopTote
  • Knot and Thread Designs Camden Street Satchel Pattern
  • Knot and Thread Designs Hello Pouches Pattern

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